Storied Worlds Rating System

How to tell if one of my stories is appropriate for you.

How to Tell If a Story is Right for You

My stories and other writings aren’t for everyone.

And there are people that I don’t want to read what I’ve written.

It basically comes down to age and sensibilities.

To help you avoid reading something that you shouldn’t or don’t want to, I’ve decided to give a rating to my downloadable stories.

If you read a story that you think should have a different rating than I gave it, please contact me and let me know.



Sometimes I write stories specifically for kids.  I hope people who are kids at heart read them too.  The violence or intensity in these stories don’t go above Wizard of Oz levels.


Most of the stories I write are at this level.  They may contain one or a combination of the following: PG or PG-13 level violence, sex, or swearing.  It’s usually minor stuff, it’s not gratuitous, but it’s not something that young kids should really be reading.


You can think of these as R-rated stories.  These stories have detailed descriptions of sex or violence or both. May also contain some harsher swear words than my ‘Teen’ rated stories.  I don’t do this to titillate, but rather the details and language fit the story that I’m writing.  These are not stories to read to your kids or your mom.